I love presenting teacher workshops on integrating puppetry into just about any curriculum! These are completely hands-on experiences, in which teachers get to have fun collaborating to try out projects and materials – making it easier for them to run right back to their classrooms to wow their students by sharing what they learned! Available world-wide!

“This is exactly what we need more of at BTC! It was relevant and beneficial not only for our English students but for anyone training to become a better teacher, whether pre-service or in-service and regardless of the subject matter they teach.”

-Dr. Nina Razzak, Head of Curriculum Studies, Bahrain Teachers College

Consider a teacher workshop:

  • to prepare to engage students beginning a new unit of study
  • to prepare for a grade level focus for a semester
  • for ESL teachers, leading to effective help to language learners
  • for a school year kick-off in-service workshop
  • for preparation to lead into a student performance
  • for a fun and memorable staff team-building experience

Workshops may vary from a single 2.5 hour session, to a five day intensive. Here are some options:


Participants collaborate to find elements of “story”, or sequential events, across the curriculum to bring to life with simple puppets made of every day materials.

Time: 2.5 hours
Teachers grade level: second through sixth
Curriculum Focus: various
Puppetry Technique: shadow puppets

1. Brief introduction to puppetry with slide show and international puppet collection demonstration
2. Small group collaborative story writing around a curriculum “seed”, using provided story development templates
3. Shadow puppet building with instructions and provided illustrated tip sheets
4. Informal group rehearsals, using provided project goals checklist
5. Performances for class, followed by constructive critique and reflection


A powerful social studies curriculum project involving map study followed by the building of a living, interactive community of puppets who trade goods and services, hold an election, and more.

Time: 2.5 hours
Teachers grade level: first through third
Curriculum Focus: social studies
Puppetry Technique: table top puppets

1. Brief introduction to puppetry with slide show and international puppet collection demonstration
2. “What is a map?” interactive activity
3. Building a community collaborative process
4. Construction of buildings and puppets
5. “How does a community work?” interactive activities and reflection


A workshop for anyone wanting to bring literature to life for children through puppetry. Participants leave with a story ready to present with puppets.

Time: 2.5 hours
Teachers grade level: pre-kindergarten through second grade
Curriculum Focus: literature
Puppetry Technique: hand puppets

1. Brief introduction to puppetry with slide show and international puppet collection demonstration
2. After tips on story selection and use of puppetry, participants choose a short story.
3. Select puppetry presentation style.
4. Build simple hand puppets
5. Story presentations with constructive critique


A combination of the above workshops along with additional puppetry techniques and curriculum focus areas, designed in collaboration with presenting organization. Here, parade puppet workshop for teachers in Offida, Italy, using recycled materials.


I enjoy speaking to educators and administrators on the power of arts integration to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning to the classroom, incorporating the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. I bring a totally visuals based Powerpoint, too!

Photo: Semar, the wise teacher/clown of Java, Indonesia.