Adult Education

“This is exactly what we need more of at BTC! It was relevant and beneficial not only for our English students but for anyone training to become a better teacher, whether pre-service or in-service and regardless of the subject matter they teach.”   Dr. Nina Razzak, Head of Curriculum Studies, Bahrain Teachers College

Karen has been honored to offer workshops for educators at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, for the U.S. Embassy English Language Specialist program in Costa Rica, Brunei, Indonesia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, as well as at a variety of conferences across the U.S. The workshops lead educators to experience an entire process which they may immediately use in their classrooms. Click here for documentary video by Kyle Shepherd of teacher workshop and performance tour to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Finding The Story (2 1/2 hours) This workshop has traveled world wide and is applicable to teachers of children ages 7 through high school. Participants experience a process that includes collaborative themed story writing, shadow puppet making, performance, and positive critique. The structure can be used to teach across the curriculum and fosters  student skills in problem solving, listening, sequencing, decision-making, and collaborative learning. It is a valuable format for language learners as well.

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The Sophisticated Sock: Engaged Learners Through Puppetry (adaptable: originally presented as two sets of five 1 1/2 hour sessions at an educators’ conference, one set for upper elementary teachers, one for lower) Through hands on, collaborative projects, participants bring curriculum to life with very simple, yet engaging, puppets made of cheap, every day materials.The workshop emphasizes the implementation of a variety of puppetry techniques such as shadow, hand, rod, toy theater, and parade, to engage learners in specific curriculum areas including history, literature, art appreciation, poetry, mythology, culture study, and more.

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