Live puppet theater is a totally different animal when recorded, so I really haven’t recorded as much as perhaps I should. Here is a diverse collection.

Experiment in Teatro Lambe Lambe: Casa Senza Casa

Teatro Lambe Lambe originated in Brazil. It is miniature theater, often performed for only one person. Vic Shepherd made this recording of the 3 minute, non-verbal show I wrote and built for FOF –  Figura Offida Festival in Offida, Italy, August 2018. Music by Richard Scott from album Late Lunch by 3 Manisha.


Experiment in Stop Motion Animation

I learned stop motion animation using the Stop Motion Studio Pro App along with my 3rd and 4th grade students at my residence school. I really love the medium but, so far, only have finished this one, titled New Shell.


Karen Konnerth tour in Saudi Arabia  – recorded and edited by Kyle Shepherd  – recorded 2013

Guest on Epic Hangout: South African educational show for children  – recorded March 2018


Video (in Italian) by Tania Stracci

This teacher from my class in Offida, Italy, wanted to share with other teachers the “Crankie” workshop as an effective literacy activity. The teachers constructed their crankies in class, but there was not time to illustrate their stories, so she created the story on her own.

Her (translated) description: “For teachers, I wanted to post this video to share the beautiful experience with Karen Konnerth and Emanuela Cossetti.
Following, the story designed by me and entitled 
”Sun & Wind” .
The video is a little long but I think it may represent a different way of lecturing!
 Good listening!”