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Pop-Up Books and Puppets Can Make Great Working Partners!

I’m jumping into a new idea and wanted to share this beautiful video I came across while ALIENS TIFFresearching pop up books. (Not referring to the photo – those are some very old aliens – don’t think I even have them any more – just a hint on the topic of the new story). There are some great how-to sites out there you could use to make greeting cards and such with moving parts, but I plan to make a yet-more-portable puppet stage for my summer library touring show – and what more appropriate than a pop up book stage? I’ll build it to fit in a suitcase. So, this video (allow to fully load before playing) shows work that is that lovely combination of imaginative and very simple. Just what I needed for inspiration to build a movable world! Enjoy! I’ll post photos when I start building. In the mean time – what could you make with paper? Post a description of your project and win a sheet of puppet postcards to download!

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