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My third time working with the fabulous Remo di Filippo and Rhoda di Filippo Lopez of di Filippo Marionettes, bringing world wide street performers of all kinds to their home town with FOF. I arrived when they were still on tour to add to the parade puppet collection I started last year to extend the very popular parade event (last year the first parade). The theme this year was to do with “uplift”, so I thought birds would be good, as well as some hot air balloon paper lanterns I brought along. The lanterns were decorated by myself and a great team of Lella and her mom. Meanwhile, I worked on the two birds for the parade. Last year, cardboard was what was available, so I made these but this year there was some wicker material so I decided to experiment with that. I was super light weight and easy to work with and I’ll be looking for the material at home! I worked in an ancient

Giant walking puppets, made by Sanjiva Margio and his son Pablo, from Australia. This was a practice of the operation teams the afternoon before the parade.

wine cellar, along with artists Sanjiva Margio and his son Pablo. They

Bird frame of a wicker material, about 1/4″ thick, quite flexible. I haven’t found it yet at home. It is great to work with, making a really lightweight and strong frame, covered later with very lightweight fabric. We worked in an old wine cellar that belonged to a local winery. There were labyrinthine tunnels that went way back – which I did not explore because I was apparently especially delicious to the ferocious Zanzare Tigre (tiger mosquitoes) who kept a lair back there.

were building giant people for the parade. My building took about a week and a half, then I went on to materials prep for the

Bird # 1 ready to fly!

workshops scheduled for me to lead in Offida as well as a few nearby towns to help the children make puppets which they would then use in the parade. I also presented a teacher workshop, which I do every time I come to Offida. I find that they use what I present, and actually would like to co-produce a book with me in Italian based on what we did last year: Puppet City, on this page.


Painstaking designs of many kinds decorate the birds.


Poster inviting all the children in Offida to participate in my free workshops making puppets for the parade.

I spoke to a couple boys using English as they waited for an assembly step and it turned out all the English they knew was from video games. I’m guessing that’s where the “Oh yes” came from. And the puppet is a bird… Tania Stacci, a teacher at the workshop, posted this video in order to share what she found to be a valuable classroom activity.





View out the window of the workshop space in Offida – all grapes and olives. This building was a new community space adjacent to a church built since the earthquake two years ago.

Teachers make “Crankies”, old fashioned moving picture boxes, great for visual storytelling!


Wonderful friends and supporters of artists, Loredana (right) and Bianca. They hosted many lovely meals in Loredana’s home and beautiful garden.

Pasta indeed does make every meal complete. Yum!







One of my favorites of the many excellent performers at FOF: Zero en Conducta (“Zero in Conduct” – referring to kids who can’t sit still…)


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