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There’s nothing like a deadline for motivation, so thought I should set a12-x-12-new-badgen example in my very first blog post. I just signed up for Julie Hedlund’s 12 Picture Book Manuscripts in 12 Months, and am so excited about this commitment for the whole year ahead! I’ll be sure to post as things progress!

But enough about me. This whole “Art is Vital” concept I’m working with here is for nurturing…

• nurturing creative thinkers of any age who have been neglecting that inner child – the one who yearns to dust off their crayons, their dancing shoes, their music, their poems, their singing voice….From the River1

• nurturing the brilliantly creative minds of children – to inspire, engage, and allow them space to think and learn creatively about the world around them -especially in the school classroom.

From the River2

Ogden Museum of Southern Art exhibit of Sense of Place collaborative work I designed and directed with public school students

When I was reading about the ins and outs of starting a blog, I read many posts about people who had a great idea, but the name they needed was not available. I must say I was glad, and a little sad, that “art is vital” was available – it shouldn’t have been that easy to say something that obvious.

So, here is my plan. Every week I will post an EASY arts integrated lesson plan for the children whose creative thinking you nurture, as well as sometimes some links to other inspiring arts integration sources.

And I will present a variety of musings on my work and influences, past and present, to nurture your own muse. I’ll write about what I’m working on, as well as past shaping experiences that might provide insight on a creative life.

Let’s grow together!


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