So I actually took an excellent course on writing for children a number of years ago, but the puppets would not set me free to allow me the crucial element of time. The phone just kept ringing for them, so I had to drive them around so they could tell THEIR stories. Then they wanted to tell NEW stories so I had to build them.

But I was plagued with other story ideas, ideas that could not necessarily come to life with two hands and some cloth.

I made another break to tell stories without them by attending an online college and getting a Graphic Design certificate specializing in Illustration. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly what graphic design was. I didn’t know I’d be designing logos and product labels, but it was fun and a deep dive into digital media – which I loved! I’ll even put in a plug here for Sessions College for Professional Design – excellent courses!

By now, the puppets were dragging me around the world, which really wasn’t so bad except… I REALLY wanted time to write.

So within the last few years, I did it. The puppets still breath down my neck from time to time, but I’ve been playing with words alone, as well as illustrations.

And the wonderful thing is, the more constantly you write, the more ideas arrive!

And the REALLY wonderful thing is I am thrilled to be signed with agent Tanusri Prasanna, of Foundry Literary+Media! Her energy, focus, and astute editing comments are invaluable!

Stay tuned for news about ongoing picture book projects!