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# 1 Bring something unusual into your everyday life.

#2 Start writing about what happens.

A major part of the first half of this 12 week residency is simply to build enthusiasm for the creative and expressive potential of words, as well as to have fun using them to express personal events and ideas in writing. Aside from the projects that take place in class, first and second graders are doing writing at home.

Each class has several stuffed animals that the students take turns taking home for a week, with the understanding that they write about what they do with the animals. Everyone has one turn to take one home. They are very enthusiastic about this, impatiently awaiting their turn. I am hoping to compile each animal’s adventures into one document – still working out format – by scanning/re-typing what is brought back. Some write more than others. All thirty animals have come back each week. When a couple were late, as the children understood that a specific classmate was now missing their turn, they all brought them back the next day.

A side note: we do treat each animal with antibacterial spray when it comes back to avoid spreading whatever is inevitably going around.

Anyway, I wanted to share one of the more spectacular journals, written by twins, one in one second grade class, one in another. The boy who took the animal home wrote it and said  his sister illustrated.Crimson1 I love how the first person plural of the story as well as the illustrations show the bear as much more a member of the family, with his own chair, seat belt, etc., than a stuffed teddy bear.

Crimson2Crimson3       Crimson4 Crimson5  Crimson6   Crimson7  Crimson8  Crimson9



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