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The Sophisticated Sockmascot for Karen Konnerth’s brand new book The Sophisticated Sock: Project Based Learning Through Puppetry – now has a name, thanks to Sylvia Yancy Davis, who posted, “Sophisticated also means cultured. Name her Pearl. She looks like a Pearl to me.! Yay!!! Perfect for such a cultured personality! As socks come in pairs, Pearl # 1 will stay with me here in New Orleans and can’t wait to begin signing books, and Pearl # 2 will contribute to the elegance of Sylvia’s home in Alexandria, Louisiana. Thank you Sylvia, and thanks to everyone’s creative contributions!

I am impatiently awaiting the first box of books, arriving next week!!! Yes, the book is available now at the bookselling giant, but I’ll be working to get it into the independent bookstores, as well as puppetry centers, museums, and places where educators hang out. Of course it can be ordered anywhere as well. Whatever it takes to help grow arts integration in schools!


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