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So glad for my one opportunity for a cultural event I picked the Mirror House! Lidia Qattan, the artist herself, (originally from Italy) gives a beautifully vibrant, philosophical, and imaginative tour of her work: the installation that is her home, complete with an original game throwing miniature paintings onto a surface in competition with the other tour participants. The house/museum also features the work of her celebrated artist husband, Khalifa Qattan. She spoke of the numerous times she had to re-do the mirror mosaics due to termite damage. As well as the fact that she could get much more done when her husband was away, as when

The Game: Throwing velcro-backed tiles to stick on the painted carpet.

he was home, there were many guests visiting the house, and she would have to clean up her messy work and wait until they left. A truly unique experience  entering into the vision of an artist! Reminded me of a few other unique and personal museums – including the UCM Museum in Abita Springs, Louisiana and the Tinkertown Museum in New Mexico – except the Mirror House is far more beautiful and less goofy, although with an equally powerful sense of joy in the work!        

One of paintings of Khalifa Qattan, creator of circulism.



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