The Sophisticated Sock: Project Based Learning Through Puppetry

“The design, layout, and whimsical, original drawings make it so easy for the eye to locate essential curriculum components, such as Vocabulary, Standards, ELO’s and Assessment.  Teachers will greatly appreciate the way in which you have organized the book for teaching and learning. Another accomplishment is making the book so current and real.  You clearly communicate the book’s focus and intention with personal comments along the way.  I especially appreciated your statement about Classroom Management.  Promoting the use of puppets for positive character development is so important today.  Your years in the classroom shine through.  You know student behavior and the challenges of teaching.  I think any teacher who uses the book will know they have a seasoned partner in you.”  Linda Cook, Registered Drama Therapist

Dear Teachers,
Resident Artists,
Supporters of Creative Learning for Children!

I am thrilled to be able to share with you my career of arts integration experience! The book provides all the steps and support materials needed for  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), project based learning in emotional literacy, language arts, science, social studies, art, and conflict resolution!

The explicit diagrams for puppet making use quick, low-cost and recycled materials to facilitate immediate use of the art form in formal or informal performance. Specific assessment tools are included for each project.

I fully understand from experience the time and budget constraints of teachers, as well as necessity for projects that support the curriculum, so the book offers time-efficient, step-by-step projects to produce memorable, in-depth, core standards-based, collaborative learning.

You will find that the puppets lead your students to grasp, use, and remember the curriculum core of each lesson in order to bring the art form to life. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning takes place as students manipulate and experiment with materials for a specific purpose and every project necessitates higher order thinking skills.

And best of all, students are motivated and enthusiastic as they absorb the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

I would love to hear about your puppetry integrated projects! Keep in touch!


“Teachers especially will appreciate Karen’s illustrated project choices for different skill and age levels. And while it would be possible to teach directly from Karen’s page-by-page advice, I believe the book’s greater use will be to give teachers the confidence to create their own puppetry lessons in open-ended activities.”    Janice Wolfe, President Puppeteers of America

“Karen Konnerth’s extensive experience in classrooms shines through on each page. With attention to detail coupled with suggested books and resources for each activity, this publication will pique and satisfy the interest of teachers who are eager to use engaging and highly motivating activities to teach the curriculum. The Sophisticated Sock also provides robust enrichment activities for art, theater/drama and interdisciplinary arts teachers as well as special education and reading specialists. It will be of interest to anyone who works with young people in educational and/or recreational settings. This publication is a must-have for educators who are eager to stimulate their students’ imaginations, inspire creativity and strengthen skills and knowledge in many subject areas.”      Carol Sterling, former President of UNIMA-USA , US Fulbright Program Specialist in Educational Puppetry

“…The idea of using something as simple as a sock, glove, or mitten to express emotion as a new character makes the idea of puppetry SO accessible! So many connections to social emotional learning, as well as dance standards…
…Really gets to the heart of everything STEAM is about!
…the inclusion of poetry allows for such a range of rigor and accessibility to all grade levels…love the inclusion of storyboarding and a planning sheet.
…The Buddy Bookworm is SO cute! Such an engaging way to help kids interact with text in all its forms. Such a cool series of projects! I think teachers can take the entire series as it is, or use pieces to compliment what’s happening in their classrooms.
…Wow! I love the inclusion of civics and really diving into such a deep driving question through puppetry. True project based learning!
…Yes! You’re already naturally hitting so many visual art standards simply with the creation of puppets, and I love that you’re accessing visual arts standards through visual arts standards, while tying it in with the natural ELA connections. Such rigor in a fun, accessible way!”        Brianne Gidcumb, Director of eLearning, Education Closet,