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My own life as an artist has been quite circuitous. This is certainly not any recommendation to leave the highway, the winding country road, or the barely visible path. It’s just what happened. It takes a lot of creative work to carve out a niche and I’ve always believed it essential to establish a standard of success based on personal values as opposed to societal norms. And that has worked in the diverse world of puppetry. The camaraderie among puppeteers world wide is astounding. Most of us live pretty much under the radar of media attention, yet with high work standards and a deep belief in the value in what we do, simply based on connection to the live audience.

Rafaél Teixido from Patagonia, Argentina, is one of my puppetry heroes – a highly skilled and passionate performer, who rides a bicycle for hundreds of kilometers to present in tiny communities.

So, now, as I am seriously working to learn about and enter the more mainstream world of writing and publishing, it is a little scary. There are a lot more gates, and it’s a lot of work to keep up with the social media world that goes with them. I made a couple of promotional postcards yesterday that my writers group recommended I bring to the SCBWI conference I’m going to next weekend – where I look forward to learning a lot. Especially if I master Twitter in time.

Calliope-Kate-postcard-front   IRD-postcard-front

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