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So, before leaving home for Oman, I was already intrigued by the exotic sound of the name Salalah. my first destination city. I was there through a U.S. Embassy sponsored tour, to perform at an annual festival during the monsoon season, when the rain turns the barren landscape green and people visit from throughout the region for the rare respite from desert heat.  Visited temporary seasonal waterfalls with my wonderful hosts Sami and Batool.

Salalah view

View of Indian Ocean from my hotel room in Salalah.

waterfall 1

Seasonal waterfalls draw tourist from near and far

. waterfall 2 waterfall 3 waterfall 4 cliff cliff 2 green woods water crossing

vendor 1

Pop up vendors for the monsoon season tourists

vendor 2


Camel herds are brought down from the mountains, with a singing ceremony I am told, for the monsoon season to avoid the slippery mountain slopes. They return to the mountains when the wet season ends. These camels were strolling alongside the road (photos shot from the car).

camels 1 camels 2 camels 3

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